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Michelin Power RS, Fitted Sets

Michelin Power RS, Fitted Sets


The Michelin Power RS tyre represents their most radical leap forward ever for sportbike tyres. The new leader in five categories that define a true sportbike tyre: grip, acceleration, braking, handling and direction change.
Incomparable grip and stability that only Michelin total performance can deliver. Dual-compound tread technology, derived from our latest generation of racing tyres, offers incomparable grip, besting its predecessor by 3.5 seconds. The new patented carcass provides impeccable lean angle and straight line stability.
When it comes to dry weather grip, agility, stability and peerless handling performance, the Michelin Power RS stands out as the sport motorcycle road tyre market's new benchmark.
ALL NEW TREAD COMPOUNDS - Front and rear compounds - developed with a technology called Functional Polymer Styrene Butadiene Rubber, (SBR) which allowed us to maximise the wet grip with no compromise on dry grip. 100% Silica center tread compound maintains a high level of wet grip on straights. 100% Carbon Black lateral compound to maximise dry grip in curves. Rear lateral compound - composed with new elastomers that provide high level of grip as well as fast warm up. Developed with Michelin's racing department.
New Michelin Adaptive Casing Technology+ A single ply with an angle close to 90° is used to reduce the carcass' maximum rigidity in the crown area. Rigidity in the sidewall and shoulder areas are maintained through the use of high angle, overlapping cross plies. The soft top ply provides more straight line stability while the rigid sidealls and shoulder help minimise drifting in curves.
This is an awesome set of tyres at an unbeatable price. Other size combinations may be available. Contact us in store to discuss your needs

Total Price: $771.00
Michelin Power RS, Fitted Sets


Michelin Power RS, Fitted Sets