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Bridgestone T31GT. Fitted sets

Bridgestone T31GT. Fitted sets


Battlax Sport Touring T31-GT: now you can push your limits in the wet! In addition to boosting stability and handling performance, Bridgestone has developed a new front-tyre compound for T31 with higher rubber flexibility. This enhances the bite “feel” in the wet, giving riders more confidence in tricky conditions. Providing higher camber thrust due to a bigger contact patch in all lean angles is bringing the fun factor on Sport Touring bikes to a new level as dry handling improved as well next to the bigger steps in the wet conditions.
- 3LC Compound with Cap and base structure on rear tyre: Balance between grip and cornering stability - New front compound with molecular approach: Improved silica dispersion giving flexibilty to the rubber increasing contact feel of the surface - Contact patch increase (up to 7%) from upright to full lean angle generating higher camber trust - Ultimate EYE Data shows the bigger adhesion area and smaller slippage area: wet cornering grip improved along with improved dry handling response - 3% Higher Friction Coefficient on wet surface - 3% Faster Laptime on wet handling track - Contact feel and feedback for maximum confidence - No sacrifice on the proven and outstanding wear life of T31's predecessor but a greater overall wet performance for maximum confidence
This is an awesome set of tyres at an unbeatable price.

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Bridgestone T31GT. Fitted sets


Bridgestone T31GT. Fitted sets